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When do you need a PASMA ticket ?


There appears to be significant confusion concerning this question. Many contractors now permit use of an aluminium tower without PASMA competence. The “user,” however is expected to move the tower, adjust the legs and often the guard rails, whilst working. When questioned about their competence the “user” explains that the tower is inspected weekly by a trained and competent PASMA card holder.


ANY adjustment of the tower can compromise it. The legs must be raised to move the tower, they are often not correctly replaced. If the level of the guard rails frustrates the user, the levels will be changed and again the tower is compromised. The same is true for the deck level. PASMA training is not expensive or complicated, but it does ensure that the trainee at least knows how it SHOULD be done.

Our advice would be that any team working with an aluminium tower, has at least one member who is trained and competent to correctly erect, adjust, and move the tower .. to ensure that it is fit for purpose more than just once a week.

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