Whatever the scale and stage of your Work at Height project Higher Safety will offer you support. From advice at the earliest concept stages within the design of a construction project, through workshops and project/site support services, to temporary works design and supervision, to internal maintenance access provision at the final stages of a new facility or product, we will support you. We can start at any stage, but the earlier the involvement, the greater the project benefit.


Consulting adviceWe can advise on any aspect of Work at Height, from how to design out the need, through the optimum route to solution, to the specification and installation of the chosen equipment or work method. The project can be an access need for a single location, or a large scale building project. It can involve one problem for a single event, or form part of a repeat production process. Work at Height requires serious consideration, regardless of the scale of the application.

Our advice will include reference and compliance with the relevant Regulations, and will follow the appropriate Codes of Practice, Standards, and accepted industry practice. We will use the Work at Height Hierarchy to guide and inform our recommendations, and record the sequence of decision making and justification.

Training roomSmall projects are best handled through meetings, surveys, and both remote and on-site support. For the larger projects this service is most readily delivered through project specific workshops at the various stages of the project, starting at concept design. These can be followed by planning workshops involving the delivery partners, temporary works support, and then installation/operational support including site services, audits and feedback.

So whatever the size and scale of your project, and whatever the current stage, the sooner you involve Higher Safety, the sooner you will start to reap the benefits of experienced planning, attention to detail, and compliance with Regulations, Standards, and accepted good practice. You can then be confident that your project is Safe at Height.