At Higher Safety we can advise on and support all manner of access solutions and methods. Every application needs to be judged on its specific merits. We follow the Work at Height Hierarchy with all our advice.

We start by trying to avoid the access need, questioning the real need for access and investigating remote control solutions and remote inspection equipment.

We then consider permanent collective fall prevention measures that include Parapets, Building Maintenance Units (BMUs), permanent Cradles, Permanent Gantries, etc.

We then consider temporary collective fall prevention measures that include, Scaffolding, Edge Protection,  Cradles (temporary), MEWPs, Working Platforms, Lightweight towers, Mast Climbers, etc.

We then look at the options involving permanent personal fall prevention like a Rope Access support (Abrail) or roof mounted Restraint system, and then we consider temporary personal fall prevention like podium/pulpit steps, and temporary Rope Access or single user MEWPs.

We then consider collectively minimising the height and consequence of falls suing safety nets. These can be permanently fitted, but this is rare, and requires significant maintenance. Safety nets are really only a collective temporary measure.

Once we have exhausted these opportunities, we consider the use of personal fall protection equipment (harness and lanyards/PFPE). These might be connected to a permanent anchor system  like a Window Cleaner eye-bolt or Roof mounted cable system, or they might be associated with temporary anchors like dead-weight anchors or temporary Anchorage lines (running lines).

We can then plumb the dark recesses of the hierarchy, suggesting collective injury reduction solutions that do not reduce the fall height, like Air bags and Bean bags, and personal injury reduction systems like a motorcycle personal air bag, or a horse riders air vests, but these cannot really be considered access solutions. They are simple mitigation devices for reducing the level of injury.

If we still cannot solve our access problem, we can consider personal measures that do nothing to prevent, reduce or mitigate the work at height issues. These include Ladders, Step-ladders, Stilts, hop-ups, trestles, etc .. and these are definitely the last resort.