Our consultants have unrivalled knowledge and experience in all aspects of Height Safety.

Whilst our primary market in terms of regulatory knowledge is the UK and Western Europe, much of the rest of the world is led by the Standards within these countries. We are therefore happy to operate across much of the world, and have completed works in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and much of the Middle East.

We also have access to an extensive National and International network of expertise.

Our contacts have been built up over many years of specialist design and installation contracting, supporting Standards writing (British Standards, European Norms, and International Standards Organisation), and include specialist contractors and installers, product and systems manufacturers, and members of the regulatory bodies and enforcement authorities from many Countries.

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Our existing Consultant, Designer, Contractor, and Manufacturer network reaches as far as Australia, the Far and Middle East, Canada, North America, and all across Europe. We would be happy to make an introduction with no commitment, and equally happy to support and manage communications. We can also offer to research and pre-qualify any Consultants, Designers, Contractors, or Manufacturers, locally or in other countries, and to investigate legislative and best practice requirements in other countries. The principles of safe working in height and the work at height hierarchy apply across the globe. Gravity is a great leveller.

Please do not hesitate to ask about our extensive contact base.