Higher Safety create and deliver training on ALL and ANY aspects of Work at Height.

Class room trainingWe train:-

  • Designers,
  • Planners,
  • Managers,
  • H&S professionals,
  • Supervisors,
  • Operatives,
  • Manufacturers,
  • Operators,
  • etc.


Many of our specific courses are assembled from a series of pre-prepared modules. These are fine tuned to deliver our Client’s needs, and the level and depth is tailored to suit the delegates. This is frequently exactly what is required. There are occasions, however, when our Client’s needs require a bespoke approach. When our training is purpose built to our customer’s specification.

This can be as involved as the development of a branded course, with specifically commissioned visuals, focussed on the exact requirements of a given work at height application. Alternatively it can be as simple as introducing a few extra pages into our existing courses to highlight a Corporate initiative or area requiring attention.

Catch fan TrainingMany trade associations require assistance developing generic courses that satisfy their needs for technical accuracy, without the danger of commercial bias that can often be introduced when using technical experts from within the membership.  We are able to capture or create visuals that do not represent a specific brand, but that are both technically accurate and represent good operational practice.

We are equally happy to work with product manufacturers or agents, developing training courses in support of specific work at height products. These can be for direct delivery, to be delivered on line, hosted by our Client, or hosted by Higher Safety on the Client’s behalf.

With Higher Safety bespoke training, you can be assured of three important things :-

  • You will be getting the most knowledgeable, best informed, input into your training packages.
  •  The advice you receive will be up to date, and in keeping with changing Standards, Regulations, and operational practice.
  • The delivery, or delivery support, will be engaging, informing, and entertaining.

Higher Safety will support your Work at Height training needs across the full scope of the subject.