Higher Safety offer training in all aspects of Safety @ Height. All our training follows the hierarchy for the selection of methods to Work at Height from the Work at Height Regulations (in the UK), and accepted good practice elsewhere.

We deliver project workshops and bespoke courses for Designers, Planners, and Senior Managers, looking at any aspect of work at height, generally or with a specific project in mind. We also have a range of foundation courses and in-depth courses for site Managers on a huge range of specific topics. We also deliver or arrange competence courses for operatives including practical elements, covering all manner of work at height equipment, and including many trade association accredited courses.


All our training complies with BS 8454 Code of Practice for the Delivery of Training and Education for Work at Height and Rescue.


From improving the Designer’s awareness of options and alternatives for maintenance access, to informing Planners and Managers of the hierarchical aspects of decision making, and then developing the competence of the Supervisors and Operatives in the installation and use of materials and equipment. Higher Safety cover all the training bases for Work at Height.


We offer project specific workshops, at every stage of design, alongside introduction courses to BS 8650 the Code of Practice for the Design of Buildings incorporating Safe Work at Height.

BS8560 cover small

The more detailed the project briefing, the more focussed and project specific the training event can be. We can offer short lunchtime sessions to general groups, as part of CPD, and also more in depth training that covers a range of options in light detail, or a specific topic at a greater technical level.

Topics range from the “real access needs” for maintenance, to the selection of façade, roof, and plant access, to internal  access for cleaning and maintenance. Topics range across the whole spectrum of options, from remote control inspection and low maintenance materials, to BMUs and Rope Access support, to MEWP loadings, temporary works support and ladder access methods and facilities.

Planners and Managers.

Our foundation course for site managers and supervisors is now a required attendance course for a number of the UK’s leading Principal Contractors. The course is modular and can be fine tuned to meet the specific needs of any Client. The general course covers a range of subjects in sufficient detail for package contractor selection and supervision. It can be further supported  by more detailed modules on all the subjects covered.

The subjects include :-

  • Avoiding the need to work at height,
  • Collective Prevention using Guard Rails, Edge Protection, Scaffolding, BMUs, MEWPs, Cradles.
  • Personal Prevention using Rope Access, Restraint Systems, Podium Steps.
  • Collectively Minimising the Height and Consequence with Safety Nets.
  • Personally Minimising the Height and Consequence with Personal Fall Protection Equipment (Harness & Lanyard).
  • Minimising consequence with air bags, bean bags, and personal impact absorption.
  • Inspection and Rescue.
  • Use of Trestles, Hop Ups, Ladders, and Stilts

Site Managers

We recommend the above foundation course for all Site Managers, and can then offer more detailed, in depth and competence, certificated training in specific areas. Examples include familiarisation, management, and inspection of Scaffolding, Edge Protection, MEWPs, Rope Access, Temporary Cradles, Safety Nets, Restraint Systems, Selection and Management of Harness and Lanyard solutions, and many other courses.

Supervisors and Operatives.

We offer all manner of certificated competence training, both generic and product specific, in the installation use and maintenance of Work at Height equipment. We also offer accredited courses from the major trade associations. We most commonly cover Edge Protection, Safety Nets, Safety Net fans, Harness and Lanyard, Alsipercha, and Rescue methods. We include as much practical work as the time and facilities will permit, and can include practical rescue on request.