At Higher Safety our Consultancy offering includes all that you might require for safe working at height and access advice.

We will support your project or your business at whatever stage, from concept through design, to selection, installation, maintenance, and even demolition.

We can advise on and develop broad Company policy, or select a specific solution for a project or operational problem.

We can support access planning and method, from the initial concept right through to the development of the risk assessment and method statement.

We offer temporary works design support, site inspection, and supervision of installations, and we also assist and support height safety product design, development, and testing for compliance, marketing and PR. For some innovative and unique products we will also develop both the performance testing specification and even a performance Standard against which the product or service can be measured.

Across this broad range of services we also offer all levels of Training, from high-level hierarchical training for designers and senior managers, right through to practical installation training for operatives.

We operate across all industries from construction and facilities management, through transport and utilities, to the power generation sector and beyond. We support all manner of engineering and industrial process plants and production facilities, and also advise on maintenance access for historical buildings.

We advise on all aspects of Work at Height from access method selection to rescue and recovery. We cover everything from avoiding work at height and remote monitoring, to edge protection, scaffolding, cradles, working platforms, MEWPs, falsework & formwork systems, and aluminium towers, through podium steps, rope access, and restraint systems, to safety nets, to all manner of harness and lanyard solutions. We can advise on airbags, bean bags, personal inflation suits, and all aspects of trestles, hop ups, and ladders. We cover everything to do with work at height.

Higher Safety are the independent single source for all height safety advice