Rules & Regs

Temporary Cradle Competence (TSAE)


The trade body, SAEMA, publish some excellent advice and guidance on the safe and correct use of TSAE (Temporary Suspended Access Equipment).


The guidance references the Standards and Regulations, and also confirms the significance of the User Appointed Person (UAP) and their responsibilities. The UAP must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the TSAE and must accept responsibility for the ensuring that the equipment is competently and correctly installed, used, and maintained, at all times. The UAP should be personally identified before any work commences.

This significant role is frequently overlooked when specifying temporary cradles on construction sites, the user often relying solely on the installation contractor to confirm suitability and fitness for use of the TSAE.

BS 5974 confirms the main requirements, and reinforces the need for a competent suitably qualified and experienced person to accept the role of the User Appointed Person.

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