Date : 10/01/2012

Reference for Barney Green, Higher Safety.

British Airways Engineering had identified a number of issues with regard to working safely at height when re-painting aircraft.
The issues arose over many years and the involvement of differing FPE (Fall Protection Equipment) suppliers whom would always claim we were non-compliant and to be complaint their FPE would provide the solution. With a new Health & Safety team in place we identified other issues, mainly behavioural, that were leading to unsafe working. We decided to contract an independent industry expert on working at height.

Barney was selected following a process of gaining recommendations from industry trade bodies and then interview. Barney was selected because of his practical approach, knowledge demonstrated through his experience and interview, and his ability to explain how the regulations applied to our work environment.

Barney helped us understand the practical application of the regulations in the work environment and what measures we should take to ensure the
safety of our workers. Barney achieved this by visiting our site, working alongside our Paintbay management and workers as well as with my H&S team. All of the actions recommended by Barney have been accepted and we are now in the process of putting in the measures he identified. I can say that it was a pleasure to work with Barney, he is very pleasant and easy to work with, he can engage at all levels as demonstrated by the fact that the local managers involved now fully understand the issues they have, and have accepted the measures recommended.

Barney was a great help in enabling me to communicate the issues and gain agreement to put the measures in place.

Kind regards,
Richard Clark
Manager Health, Safety, Security and Environment British Airways Engineering, 9th Floor Technical Block C (S348) PO Box 10, London Heathrow Airport, Middlesex, TW6 2JA