Higher Safety offer all manner of Site Support.

At one extreme, we can support a site or project with temporary staff, to directly manage or supervise a complicated section of work involving work at height, or the installation of work at height equipment. At the other extreme we can attend for a single day completing a site work at height audit and feedback. Between these areas, our site support offering includes supervision, inspection, and maintenance visits, and site based workshops and feedback sessions to improve understanding or awareness of relevant work at height issues.

Reactive, Pro-Active, Planned, or Surprise.

Our support can be Reactive, after an incident or event that raises concern, or Pro-active as part of a work at height audit process. We can also offer investigation support and representation. Our attendance can be a pre-planned or a surprise single visit, or can form part of a regular internal audit process.

Examples of the range of our site support work include :-

  • Temporary cradle installation and inspection, operating as the Client side appointed person for EDF Energy, at Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station.
  • Review and report on the installation method and work method for the travelling access platform (TAP) to be used to re-clad the top stories of an occupied 43 storey office block for MACE.
  • Audit the work at height activities on a group of major projects in London, and feedback directly to the site management and package contractors, for a number of leading UK principal contractors.
  • Investigate and report on a number of falling object events for the facilities management team at Heathrow.
  • Survey and report on the effectiveness and suitability of the public and student access walkway guard rails on campus at the University of East Anglia.
  • Investigate the internal maintenance access provision within a new commercial aircraft, and report on its suitability.

Whatever your operation, in whatever operational area, Higher Safety will help you to be Safe @ Height.