Higher Safety can support you throughout your Work at Height policy review. It you need a complete review of an existing policy, a partial review in the light of recent experience or events, or are starting with a fresh perspective on Work at Height within your business, Higher Safety can help.

WatH PolicyOur policy review can include an investigation into a specific event or incident that might have been a catalyst to the review, and can also support you through any third party investigation or potential prosecution. The more we know about your business operations, the better able we are to develop constructive improvements within the policy and operational practice.


RAMSOur review will consider and risk assess all aspects of work at height within your operations, and structure advice and reasoning, in relation to the Work at Height Regulations and the work at height hierarchy, and any internal existing policy, to justify the optimum method of work for your business activity. We will of course take into account the operational parameters and priorities within your business, and record the justification and thinking behind the decision making process.

Our service can then include revising or re-writing your risk assessments, method statements, and the policies themselves, or we can adopt an advisory role and review your internal re-drafting, guiding the process along. We can advise on and support any equipment investments required, and then develop and deliver any additional training that might be needed, at both manager and operative level. The scale of training need will clearly vary, and could extend to supporting some internal PR and “selling the change” to both management and operatives.

Our full Work at Height policy review service will include the option for advisory updates on Regulation or Standards changes, and any future developments in good practice, method, or equipment. It will also include a reminder to review the policy periodically, and to record the review.