Restraint or Fall Arrest

EN 795 2012

In the past, the words “Restraint” and Fall Arrest were often used to separate work methods and anchor loads. “Restraint” was frequently misused .. confusion reigned and we all got wet. There was even a suggestion that the load capacity of a “Restraint” anchor could be reduced to 1kN. .. this is no longer the case.

EN 795 : 2012 included some specific technical changes. All anchors must be designed and proven to accept the worst case fall load, even if they are intended for “Restraint.” This is to allow for incompetence and misuse.

The introduction specifically states “To allow for foreseeable misuse of equipment, this European Standard provides requirements and test methods for anchor devices used in personal fall protection systems in accordance with EN 363, even if their intended use is for restraint.”

EN 795 : 2012 also increased the minimum structural capacity to 12kN. This effectively means that any anchor point for the connection of Personal Fall Protection Equipment should have this minimum capacity, and the often used “excuse” that the system is for Restraint loads only can no longer be used.

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