You’d think we all know about Work at Height by now ?

I follow a construction safety news feed from PP Construction Safety….. have done for years. It is a great way of keep up with a précis of events and getting a feel for the current big issues in Construction safety. It is run by Phil Pointer, a very experienced Ex HSE Principal Inspector for Luton.

I am constantly amazed at the predominance of work at height and falling events within his news. I take the information weekly, and well over 50% of the events, on average, involve falls or falling materials. Often it is closer to 80%.

Phil tends to select death, prosecution, or incredible stupidity events to report on, so I wonder what that says about those who still think they can gamble with gravity. There are regular falls through fragile materials, scaffold failings, ladder and roof access issues, and falling equipment and materials.

I don’t think prosecution is the only answer, nor do I think our workers are stupid .. I think they are simply trying their best to get things done, and without guidance they will gamble. I also don’t think it is all about education, and a passion for competence cards.

I think it is often about giving the guys the confidence to contribute, and the time in which to do so … What do you think ?

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