Who selects harness and lanyard combinations ?

In my experience, most harness and lanyard combinations (PFPE) for use by operatives on building sites are selected by people who know little about them, and who will never wear them. This produces some “interesting” purchase decisions ….  Frequently the purchase is supported by a salesperson .. who may have divided loyalty.

The result is often not “optimal” in terms of either performance or value. The devil, like in so many things, is in the detail …

Understanding PFPE (Personal Fall Protection Equipment) is not rocket science, but it does require knowledge .. it is a specialist field. Most PFPE was designed for vertical access (masts and towers) and yet in many construction applications we want “horizontal” safety. Most PFPE is not designed for the user to constantly bend and lift, and yet that is the primary activity for many of the trades using PFPE on site. It should not be a surprise that the operatives often wear the equipment too loosely.

Semi elasticated harnesses, auto lock connectors, and dorsal extenders, can all form part of what should be an informed purchase decision. There are comfort benefits, productivity benefits, and of course Safety benefits to capture… and there is an improved chance that the operatives will use them correctly.

My suggestion ? …  get some unbiased, informed, advice. It will save you money, improve performance, and increase safety. Higher Safety could help ……