Harness & Lanyard User Weight

We have noticed a lot of confusion regarding the harness user weight and the “capacity” of the equipment.

All WatH equipment is tested using 100kg “solid” mass (manikin, weighted test dummy, wooden torso, steel mass). The human body is not rigid, and in drop tests is equivalent to about 85% of its weight in a solid mass, due to muscle and fat absorbing energy through bruising etc.

Equally, the EN for energy absorbers (EN 355) ensures that they do not open below 2kN force, and do not transmit more than 6kN force (most transmit about 4kN in a factor 2 test fall). The use of an energy absorber therefore limits the load, AND ensures that even a light person should not experience too large a load for their body (potentially less than 2kN).

These factors effectively increase the application range of a large amount of harness and lanyard equipment.

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