Yacht Mast Climbing

Higher Safety run a series of Special Courses, designed to satisfy certain specialist needs.

Yacht Mast Climbing

MCS imageHigher Safety run a mast climbing school, for those who wish to learn to climb their yacht mast in safety . It is aimed at boat owners and their crew. Higher Safety can also supply the specialist equipment used on the course.

We run a 4-4.5 hour primarily practical mast climbing course. The course looks at methods of accessing your mast, unaided, under your own steam. One uses a “sit harness, ascender, and grigri,” the other Top Climber. We get delegates familiar with the equipment and then teach them to climb, under supervision. We cover safety , back up, rescue, and the various choices of technique and equipment.

There are two course locations currently. “On-board” courses (on my 50’ yacht on the Hamble river), and “Ashore” at an industrial training centre near Maidenhead. On board, with a max of 6 delegates, costs £80 per person. Ashore with a max of 10 delegates costs £70 per person. You get the same climbing time/experience, but there are more climbing paths available within the ashore facility.

Courses can be run elsewhere by arrangement, they require a suitable mast (yacht), and are subject to technical acceptance and replacement of all climbing lines (we temporarily replace the halyards with climbing rope of known “vintage”). Some charter/sail training companies and sailing clubs also offer the course, and we offer “own boat” tuition, subject to survey as above, and travel costs.

There are beneficial prices for equipment ordered by delegates.