CDM 2015

CDM 2015 is almost upon us. Some are still voicing concern that the content might still change, however I think that the principles are now established and the progress is inevitable. The key change is to bring the Principal Designer to the fore and to give them responsibility for co-ordination of the many and varied design inputs on a given project. Great care is needed in defining and agreeing who is a designer  ? The Principal Contractor will then develop the Construction Phase Plan, and then implement it ….. pretty much what we have been trying to deliver for 20 years.

How this plays forward for the CDM-C remains to be seen, however I do think that the PD will need support and guidance. My hope is that he will recognise that need, ask for it early enough, and listen to/act on the advice given ……. hmmmm. Perhaps the advice will need to be less general and more specific, relating to the unusual and less obvious hazards associated with the project. Perhaps we can move forward from “one size fits all” to bespoke project tailoring, even expert advice ?

The trouble with advice, is that it is often tainted. The lower the cost of the advice, the cloudier the colour, but it will be a brave PD who goes back to his Client to say .. “I need some help here, and it is going  to need budget” .. few designers appear comfortable admitting this.

The loud cry from the involvement of the CDM-C , was always “too little, too late.” I worry that this has not been heeded within the new regime, and that the PC will continue to use “sticking plaster” and “hope” on site, rather than being able to rely on well thought out, informed, and “up-to-date” design.

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