Improving Tower Crane Safety

We are all spending much time and energy supporting the lonely tower crane driver. We have welfare issues, health monitoring concerns, and rescue methods and equipment. We also have a site whose productivity is controlled by the tower crane.
Why is the tower crane driver isolated in the air, remote, at height, and inaccessible ? Most of his lifts are blind at the critical stages and he is “driven” by the banksman.
Surely with a couple of cameras, and some basic electronics the crane could be safely operated from a site cabin, or by the banksman himself (subject to further training of course).

The simple application of the hierarchy from within the Work at Height Regulations would suggest that we avoid the need whenever possible, and there can be no concern with technology…. We already drive mobiles, crawlers, and minis from a ground level cab or remote control at the hook.

The opportunities are significant .. reduced down time, ease of driver change, greater accuracy, and a complete removal of the burdensome welfare, health and rescue issues ?

I’m told that other countries have adopted this idea successfully, and would love to take this further. Discuss anyone ?

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