Concrete frame Workshop update

Work at Height update on concrete frames. Having offered this workshop to our current concrete frame contractors, CONSTRUCT have now agreed to support the event for all their members. The event will be an early breakfast meeting, and will cover :- Presentation of Higher Safety’s recent experience and observations captured from site visits, (the good […]

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Exciting changes in Scaffold Design

NASC have launched a new version of TG20, which will have a significant and constructive impact on all tube and fitting scaffold, and scaffold design. TG20:13¬†will massively increase the overall confidence in scaffolding, as a far greater proportion of scaffold being erected can now be readily shown to be fit for purpose, and to Comply. […]

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Concrete Frame Update Workshop

We are running a concrete frame work at height update workshop, for feedback and discussion about the key work at height issues on concrete frame developments. The workshop will :- present our recent experience and observations captured from site visits, highlight common misconceptions on the selection and use of equipment , reveal the lessons learnt […]

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Harness & Lanyard User Weight

We have noticed a lot of confusion regarding the harness user weight and the “capacity” of the equipment. All WatH equipment is tested using 100kg “solid” mass (manikin, weighted test dummy, wooden torso, steel mass). The human body is not rigid, and in drop tests is equivalent to about 85% of its weight in a […]

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Height Safety

Welcome to the new, Higher Safety website .. which I think you’ll agree is fantastic .. it opens the door to the best advice on high level access, working at height, and everything you need to know about height safety. The training courses available are mentioned (please be patient about the course details .. I […]

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